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The Baptism of Innocence

The finished work of the cross does more then just give forgiveness of sin and removal of shame. It creates innocence. Without innocence we will not enter into the kingdom of God in its fullness. 



Charlie Coker is the Senior Leader of Identity Church in Deltona, Florida and founder of Charlie Coker Ministries. Charlie has a diverse back ground in business, and relationship restoration. He has been married to Susan for 40 years and they have 2 son’s and 5 grandchildren. 


Their prophetic ministry is unique in the fact that God is using them to reveal the Fathers heart for restoration, from personal sexual abuse within there own Marriage, Racism, and spiritual abuse within the church.


Charlie has authored several books dealing with the message of the Kingdom and the Father Son paradigm and the finished work of the cross. Charlie has a passion to use his own experience’s of restoration in his own life to help other achieve there goal and fulfill there destiny in Christ. 


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