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2020 Word Of The Lord

Word of the Lord for 2020

On Friday night before Christmas I was out with my wife and told her that I would really like to get a massage on Saturday, she made it happen for a 90-minute massage at 10:00am. this was my first vacation day of 10 day off from Christmas to the New Year. I got up had my coffee and was having a good time with the Lord. I had to run some errands and then go get my massage.

As I was driving, I was listening to a country music station and they were playing Christmas songs. I was worshipping with “O Holy Night” and it was like God had showed up in my car. Then they changed to a song that caught me off guard. The title was “Bra Off” by RaeLynn. It broke the spirit of worship and was the biggest buzz kill ever, it truly made me mad.

How could some radio jockey change from ‘O Holy Night” to “Bra Off” and think that was cool.

The Song is about breaking up with her boyfriend is like taking my bra off. [Chorus] Breaking up with you was like taking my bra off Feeling free and loose like this T-shirt I got on I should be crying, grieving some kind of loss But it's like taking this pink and lacy suffocating bra off.

This song broke my worship and totally made me angry.

As I get ready for 90 minutes of relaxation and stress removal, I start to get quiet, and the Lord starts asking why that made me so mad. He started with the fact it was on a secular station and that is part of our culture and that shouldn’t make you angry. The Lord told me that if the church wants to change the culture around them, we need to embrace it and change it from the inside not being angry and throwing rocks at it from the outside.

He then said to open my heart, you asked for a word for 2020 for you and the church. Here it is!

He said that 2020 is the year that the “EL Shaddai” (“Many Breasted One “) anointing will be released to the church and the nurturing side of God will become the foundation of a great harvest. I am taking the bra off my bride and setting her free from the religious restraints to properly nurture, heal, and return proper identity to the body. Young and old need to embrace me in my nurturing anointing to help return to child likeness.

The Lord started speaking to me that He was born in a different culture also and for Him to fulfill His purpose it had to start off in his infancy. He asking me what I thought Mary did when He was feeding from her breast? He said that in 2020 the Holy Spirit will start doing to the body of Christ what Mary did to him. She would look into my eyes as I was getting the nourishment in the natural and speak to my spirit about my identity, purpose and my value. She would retell the stories of how the angel’s named me and told her what would become and why.

He said that if Mary had only used the feeding time to only stop the cry of an infant and not use it to impart my destiny and purpose, I would have been immature, lacking in proper identity, and my developmental process would have been hindered to the point I would not have completed my calling.

The first of 2020 will be season of detox from effects of drinking from the religious spirit. That is why so many have lost their passion and purpose. There has been some in the body that have lost their way and after the detox has been completed, clarity will come back as the “El Shaddia” the mothering side of God will become the place of intimacy and nourishment. Child likeness will return to the body and become one of the major foundational truths for the harvest that will change the culture around us.

2020 the Lord is breaking up with religion and taken the bra off the bride of Christ, the nurturing side of God will become a public manifestation of pure childlikeness, from the young to the old. By the end of 2020 the media report will be the Church has found its purpose, with power and purity.


Charlie Coker

Identity Church

Deltona Florida

Charlie is the senior leader of the Identity Church that he founded in 2008 and also the founder of Charlie Coker Ministries at Charlie travels as a prophetic voice with regional insight of how the kingdom of heaven can be released on the earth with the Father Son paradigm as his focus.

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