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Church Fathers VS Kingdom Sons

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

What Others Are Saying about This Book:

When the rumbling starts in our lives, we too often run, hide, avoid, and deny that our failure to accept responsibility for our actions is the root cause of most of our problems. My son Charles has outlined what has worked for us in the last few years. His decision to deal with it in print is a blessing to me and, hopefully, will be to you.

— Charles L. Coker Sr. Author’s Father

I can’t begin to say how proud I am of my husband for persevering through the obstacles which could have stopped him from writing this book. We have had many unique adventures through our thirty-three years of marriage. Not all of them were joyous occasions, but they have been beneficial for our journey. I can truly say that once Charlie grasped the Father’s love through sonship, I watched him transform into his true calling. As you read this book and apply the principles to your life, it will help bring clarity to who you truly are designed to be.

— Susan G. Coker Author’s Wife

Charlie is one of only a few men I would trust with my life. I met him in 2007 and have walked with him in the kingdom since then. I remember when he first came to me; he had such promise, but also had an orphan spirit. Many men struggle with this but don’t really know it. Dealing with the issues of our broken expectations is vital for a healthy existence. In this book you will hear of the extraordinary love of God, and you will see how one man found his way from orphan to son. Knowing Charlie has been one of the great joys of my life. On many occasions I have tapped into the wisdom of God that resides with him. The different levels of anointing and grace that Charlie has moved into have been nothing less than extraordinary. In all of that, the thing I treasure the most is our friendship. Few people have the character to walk in covenant to the degree that Charlie will walk in it with you; it is the kind of friendship that everyone should experience. I recommend this book, and I highly recommend this man. His ministry of love and power will greatly impact your life for heaven’s glory.

— Louis C. DeSiena Senior Leader, The Gate Fellowship, Jacksonville, Florida

I found this book to be very interesting reading, and it is written to be understood by the average reader. Charlie Coker is truly an impressionist writer. As he recalls an account, he articulates with words that never leave you scratching your head, wondering what he is saying or trying to convey. The stories and experiences revealed in this book are there to assist the reader in opening a powerful revelation to all church fathers who have been cheated of their destinies and have struggled to fulfill all the wondrous things God has had for them. As the church moves forward with God’s seal of approval upon its labors, it needs this fresh word!

— Dr. Rev. Phillip J. Casterline Living Waters Church, Hornell, New York

After you read this amazing story of Charlie’s life in ministry, you will clearly see that God intends to use you right where you are. You can be a weapon to bring restoration to dysfunctional people, orphans, and those with a religious spirit. This book will help you to understand that what you are walking through—as tough as it is—is what God is using to mold and shape you into what He needs you to be. Whatever paradigm you are currently in (the local church, a house church, the apostolic, prophetic, evangelical, or denominational), God wants you as a son. This book will speak to your situation and help you understand how intimately God is involved in all your circumstances and situations. He uses us perfectly where we are to get us to where we need to be, if we are willing. Thank you, Charlie, for so transparently giving us insight into your life, your journey, and our Father, who so amazingly takes us from glory to glory.

— Pastor Brian Higbee Senior Pastor, CityChurch, Connellsville, PA

Charlie is very straightforward in his writing style; he tells it like it is—the raw truth. I like it that way. It has been a long, and sometimes hard, journey for him to get to the truth, but I believe he has been successful. You may not always agree with how he deals with people, but you can always see his heart. I believe you will benefit greatly from this book.

— Pastor Buddy Tipton Central Assembly of God, Vero Beach, FL

This is the second edition of this book. I have to be honest that when I first wrote this book in 2013 it was a healing process for myself and my Father. I never had the intention to publish the book until my Father pasted. But Papa Jack Taylor went and showed the manuscript to my Father and they made the deal to have Jack, my spiritual father and My Dad both do a foreward. My Father agreed and we published the book. After a few years my father started calling it "OUR" book. Well the second addition was cleaned up a little and made a little nicer to read. My father passed away June 2019 and had this funeral on his 93rd birthday. A few weeks After his passing I had a prophetic dream were I went to heaven and the Lord told me that my father wanted to meet with me private. I was taken into this room were my father came in and was about 35 years old and looked like the mans man that hew was 6.2" 240 pounds. He had a beautiful white robe and a large green bowl full of fruit. He looked at me and told me he was very proud of me and asked me if I wanted some of his fruit? it was the best I had every tasted. It gave me life and energy and I asked for more, there was light and energy in its taste.

Then Dad asked me for help. He said that he had a major problem in heaven and needed my help.

I looked at him with discuss and said " you're the only person I know that would finally show up in heaven and have a problem;" What the problem? He looked at the bowl of fruit and said this! What do you mean? Dad said that you should show up in heaven with crowns and jewel not fruit. He said I have some crowns and jewels also but I should have shared more of my fruit on earth so others could over come and get there crowns.

I then asked what he wanted me to do? Dad said write the book? Share my story, the good the bad, and the righteousness that I walked in to let other know what I had should have shared more of my journey to help them.

I told him I would do that. He them gave me the title.

He said Charlie I was in positions of influence in the church and I hide the use of the fruit of the Spirit to overcome. (get my crowns) I was many peoples hero but I was your father! I should have share my intimacy I had with the Lord with you more then I did. I should not have keep you at arms length.

So the book I am writing next will be titled "Your Hero my Father", The journey of a righteous man."

Please read Church Fathers VS Kingdom Sons.

More to Come !

C Coker

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