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The finished work of the cross does more then just give forgiveness of sin and removal of shame. It creates innocence. Without innocence we will not enter into the kingdom of God in its fullness. 


"In this present day, innocence is rarely spoken of. Perhaps it’s because we find it to be elusive and unattainable, and for far too many, innocence has been stolen; for others, it has been given away. No matter the reason or circumstance, the loss of innocence forces us to grow up too quickly, while at the same time stunting our growth.


Take your time as you read and let Abba submerge the recesses of your soul. As I read through these pages, I had several encounters—at the most unlikely of places! Innocence is assured, if you will give God honest access. May you also reclaim what Jesus died for you to have!"

- Lisa Lowmaster

Co-Founder, Journey Church, Horseheads, New York

The Baptism of Innocence

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