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Finishing this book has been a 25 year old promise that became a process of redemption. God gave me the title and the promise that when Rape to Righteousness “Redeeming the bride of Christ”was published I would have redeemed Susie my bride and become trustworthy with His bride. 

"If honest, transparency, and courage were enough, this book would shift the body of Christ. Charlie’s and Susie’s willingness to share their transformational journey is drastically humbling. But that is not enough. Depth of understanding, revelation from heaven, wisdom, and an experience to make real God’s severe redemption are added in heaps to make this book one that removes the chains that bar healing. Today, Charlie and Susie Coker stand tall and cut a wide swath in the kingdom. This book is recorded proof positive that if you are willing, nothing can stop His redeeming love."

Brian Higbee,

Author and Sr. Leader of CityChurch

From Rape to Righteousness: eBook Download

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