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Treated like an orphan by men of God whom he trusted - even his own father - Charlie Coker went into a vision that would change his life forever. In the vision he saw a gym full of boxers in training, sparring together and using various equipment to get ready to fight. On one wall was a poster of an upcoming bout that read "Church Fathers vs. Kingdom Sons."

This vision became the catalyst for Charlie's journey out of orphanhood to learning about the fatherhood of God and his own role in bringing healing and deliverance to the fatherless. Follow Charlie as he discovers an inheritance worth fighting for. This is the second edition with some rewrite’s to enhance the journey for many coming into true Kingdom relationships. With the passing of his Father at 93 years old It has given a renewed respect for the inheritance of the Kingdom that he left me. The principles in this book will give you the ability to restore your biblical inheritance given to you through Jesus revealing the Father in the family business. 

Church Fathers vs Kingdom Sons

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